Friday, November 7, 2014

Soon after the economic collapse of 2008 and subsequent Federal Reserve ANTI-STIMULUS that was engineered to destroy our country both economically and socially, the government, non-governmental fraudulent Federal Reserve, and news media have been pouring on the propaganda to try to convince Americans that we are in an economic recovery. It's ludicrous to hear the term "stimulus" as it's applied to the program that is nothing but an anti-stimulus to this country yet it is a stimulus to a very minor percentage of the population. You cannot have any sort of economic prosperity when you take from the masses to give to a few percent of chosen people - it's so obviously against logic that it's surprising that our elected leaders allowed it to happen, excepting they seem to be working for just the interests of few percentage of the public, which is the wealthiest that also includes themselves! And so if you complain to a member of Congress about extreme financial losses you are incurring from either government of the Federal Reserve purposely distorting financial markets, you may not even get a response or perhaps lip service at best. For any change to occur for the betterment of this nation would take extreme participation by the populace and I do not foresee this happening until most are suddenly in poverty and then it'd be too late. You have the opportunity to prevent our country from being fully turned into a third world country but I still do not see it coming in time. I'd love to be surprised. Nonetheless, my effort in all my writings still is done with the hope that the remarkable can happen.

I have done my best by posting well over 1,500 pages worth of comments on news stories across the internet, let alone contacting the president numerous times, many persons in Congress, as well as over 200 times to the Federal Reserve asking for compensation due to the unlawful stock market manipulation at the detriment of most of the people, alerting the public about the authentic economic conditions, and providing with the real solutions actually addressing the underlying problems.

The Obama-Federal Reserve regime as effectively called for war against the American people. The Nigerian president and oppressive Federal Reserve have got to go. We now have a third world wealth divide, 3-4X overpriced, overly manipulated up stock market benefiting the wealthy and causing extreme malaise to all those not selling their soul to the central banks BEAST as some actually know how bad the economy is and how valuations are many times too high per the economy to have to short sell the pig market in order to recoup what was taken away in terms of bank interest. Oh but the manipulation is so great that you can't invest on the correct side of fair value else you are forced to lose. This is now one big mess the Federal Reserve has gotten us into and the president praises them for such a great job in destroying our country.

We've lost 13 million jobs since 2008 based on the prior workforce participation rate. This puts our situation in real terms, and this doesn't even go into the part time jobs replacing full time ones, lower paid jobs, fewer benefits, and so on. Just today we have to hear the garbage "solid" jobs numbers which are not solid at all but more like solid BS and those like myself are unable to do our roles in informing the public. I just hope that most of the people know the government is involved with the media, and Wall Street and the Federal Reserve players in this as well, to push fanatical propaganda of false economic numbers.

The government does not want to let you know the population increased 18 million since 2008. If they did, they'd have to account for this increased number as far as real job addition. The fact is there has been no real job growth since 2008. It's been real negative job growth.

When you consider something around 150K jobs must be added per month to keep up with population growth alone, a 215K addition that is a derived figure, not actual as it comes from an undisclosed seasonal factor and moreover does not account for the replacement of full time jobs with part time jobs. If in the flux of one month, 400K stopped working and 615K started working (not all having to be of different persons), if 150K new jobs are part time, assuming half time, from a loss of 75K full time jobs, the contrived 215K job additions or about 65K jobs excluding population growth suddenly turns to a net loss of 10K jobs. It's so unfortunate that those who sold their souls to be retained in the news media while we are in this horrific and worsening economy, prefer not to tell the public the straight facts. Instead you must search to find what is going on through myself and many other individuals over the internet that get so little exposure. I wouldn't last long if employed in government for I would not stand for the BS and would be trying to push for economic data that is sensible. One measure I'd be pushing would be the total number of hours worked on a population adjusted basis as this would settle the discrepancy of full and part-time workers. We'd see more clearly if there was any positive or negative change on a broad basis. I'd also want to have disclosed how many jobs are less than full-time and along with this, the average number of hours pertaining to this grouping. And of course, it would be most helpful to have salaries in raw terms and with ACTUAL INFLATION rate adjust figures.

I'll soon be reflecting this thought onto my proposed solutions site: if the government claims inflation is at zero or under 2%, how could they justify the 2X overpaid federal government employees getting an average 6% pay hike? I contend we could save $1 TRILLION per year by getting rid of just 20% of the overpaid, under-worked government loafers and paying them 15% below that of the private sector. I say we should tie inflated government salary increases to social security cost of living adjustments if we can't get the government salaries down to what is reasonable otherwise we'll continue to drive a wealth divide between government employees and the private sector.

The elderly relying on bank interest, all the responsible investors who have had to short the pig market are the big losers in this calamitous anti-stimulus policy of the Federal Reserve. If you are an irresponsible investor just like the millions of people who jumped on board to play the momentum game of rising home prices to fuel a destructive economic bubble by selling one's soul to the central bank beast and going long no matter the valuation or if you happen to be insanely rich to never have to draw off money in the stock market, you get free money gratis of the Fed. And we've been told gong long the stock market posed some risk - what risk when it's being unlawfully manipulated up? We've had a worsening economy since 2009 and yet the markets up three times higher!!!!!! There will be big gains and big losses from such a lousy policy driving this and this is against the mandate of the Fed in making for such great instability.

You may also locate over the internet my analysis of unemployment claims as it's yet another snow-job on the American people. Go look up "unemployment claims: how to interpret". Again, the media has been pushing the false concept that lessening unemployment claims is necessarily good, however, in our horrific economy, the lessening has more to do with us getting towards the minimum number of people required to supply all needed goods and services so that there would be fewer persons able to be let go. It speaks of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of any future job growth! With our lame leaders allowing our country to be driven down to the ground, it should be expected that we will continue having a real negative job growth for the foreseeable future.

Our government wants us to believe the unlawfully manipulated up stock market and false wonderful economic data shows an improving economy so the middle class gives away more of their money until which time our country ends up being a few percent ultra-rich and most everyone else in abject poverty. In this way the government will be able to mow over the people in doing whatever they want. We should not tolerate this. I've been trying to get the public to push Congress in eliminating the oppressive Federal Reserve as the most important first step to economic prosperity. But as you see our government could be enacting the real solutions yet they prefer to destroy this once great nation, taking away $500 billion in bank interest per year, costing us $1 trillion per year due to inflation, killing all rightful short sellers of the 2-3 times overprices unlawfully manipulated stock market (please see my older stories by searching for: "This 2X overpriced stock market" and "real negative 10% GDP growth"). The end result in this horrible anti-stimulus policy is a third world wealth divide and will only get WORSE as our nation's leaders refuse to address the underlying issues as I've laid out and provided to them. Most people lost 20-40% of their wealth due to the ANTI-STIMULUS and some as much as 80%!!!! due to rightfully short selling the overpriced, unlawfully manipulated up stock market. This is no way to manage a country or its economy! Property values are terribly overpriced as a function of wages but that helps to destroy our nation: the wealthiest are buying up overpriced properties to cause for oppressive rents and mortgage payments for everyone else.

Now look at the inflation rate. You may use your own personal situation to know the inflation rate is not below 2%. There are helpful sites on the internet to help you figure out what is going on.

The GDP growth rate is yet another and I demonstrate how our real GDP growth rate has been around negative 10% for five years now. The "real" means to exclude extraneous factors and some such factors are:
1) the actual inflation rate, not the contrived, fabricated one pushed onto the American people
2) the percentage of the GDP due to government deficit spending
3) the percentage of the GDP due to the Federal Reserve ANTI-STIMULUS 'money printing' which is additional debt that must be accounted for
4) the population growth rate (realize if the raw GDP increased 100% in one year and if the population grew the same with all other factors devoid, there would be NO GROWTH per capita).

Beyond the 40-page solutions site I am providing the public with, I am supplying more in the book "Thoughtful Living" including a new monetary system based on the unit of labor and which is inflation adjusting, a new stock market system that is fair and inflation adjusting, and a new proxy voting system to enable the many smaller shareholders a greater voice to lower the excessive executive compensation of publicly traded corporations.

Wrote the "Federal" "Reserve" "Bank" just now, the same day of this original post:

Please see my newest site:

What is this Yellen is so concerned with? Falling stock prices? Why not? She hates our country so much she'd rather see the wealthy take everything leaving the rest of the people having nothing or near to nothing? Whatever happened to the Fed mandate of stable prices? They prefer overpriced homes, overpriced stocks, overpriced food? Be so lucky we have lame members in Congress too fearful to do anything about your illicit organization.

So the job situation is improving? What a joke! There is no inflation? Come on, the American people have been given these lies for too long now.

You are mowing over all those relying on bank interest and all those who are having to invest in the stock market on the correct side of fair value for this masked depression. The UNLAWFUL stock market manipulation is hurting this country and is especially hurting those who are responsible investors!

Now please set up a fund to compensate investors who have lost due to the Federal Reserve's ANTI-STIMULUS policies that includes unlawful stock market manipulation.

You may send me $200K due to your unlawful activities with the financial markets.

Let's get this settled now. I've been waiting too long and while the Fed has been reluctant to being fair with me, my losses got greater. You could have settled with me in late 2010 for a mere $30K. Your hate of America in pushing lies to keep extracting the wealth from middle America and of all your policies designed to take from middle America is TREASONOUS! Again, be so thankful no one in Congress has the guts to call you out on this.


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